Hi and thanks for checking out my site!

I currently live in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, but was born in a small town called Salmon Arm. When I’m not shooting surfers/ traveling to a hot destination, I fly the friendly skies (I’m a Flight Attendant)!

How did I get into shooting surf and beach culture you ask?

Well I’ve been extremely obsessed with the beach, the water and everything that follows. I grew up on a lake so wake boarding was my summer highlight. During winter months, I snowboarded on our local ski hill (Silver Star)  later learned to surf and kite board. I think my past life must have been lived on a tropical island somewhere as Im passionate about the beach, surf, sand between my toes and the warm tropical climate. I just love the vast openness of the ocean and the blue hues that shimmer through my camera lens. 

Once again, thank you for checking out my website, I really appreciate it! If you like what you see, I’d be sooo thrilled if you shared this site to your friends over coffee or heck on a social media site!